Their mission and they decided to accept it was to design a garden for a space the size of carport and install it in three days.

Sonya Becker of Northwest Landscaping LLC won the judges award in the third annual Growdown at Tucson Botanical Gardens in mid-March.

She also took a peoples choice award for best harvesting feature in her Desert Delight design.

Landscape designers Barbara Wilson and Dara Widner took a peoples choice nod for best garden art in their entry Tucson Feng Shui.

Margaret Joplin of Design Collaborations contributed Simple Beauty.

Their entries present innovative ideas on how to landscape a backyard. Here are six.

From the end of that roof, the gutter stair-steps to guide water into a 3-foot-tall ceramic pot. Water overflows from the pot into a series of catchment basins, then through a channel directly into a bed of plants.

This is a decorative approach to passive water harvesting and you get a waterfall effect, Becker says.

The water flows down the chain into a huge steel bowl with an underground pipe. That pipe would guide water into the landscape of desert-adapted plants.

She and Wilson packed the garden with those natural elements: plants that attract birds, a bubbling fountain to add water, a fire pit and stone gabions.

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Artful water harvesting helps seal Growdown win

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