For most of the time people study Feng Shui for their homes or offices. The topic of this article is a bit different. I would not tell you what constitutes a good Feng Shui home or office. Instead, I will teach you how to choose a Feng Shui hotel room. In other words, after reading this article, you would know how to select a hotel room with good Feng Shui when you are on vacation or business trip.

Does it really matter to find a Feng Shui hotel room? It depends. If you have just a short stay for one or two nights, the Feng Shui of the hotel room does not really matter. But if you have a long stay or you are having a business trip for an important business meeting, a good Feng Shui room could how to bring good luck.

Ace Hotel NYC guest room interior by Jeremy Pelley

If you studied my Feng Shui Master Class, you would know how to choose luckyfloor level. Even if you dont, here is a quick tip.

In 2014, the luckiest floor levels are those ending with 6, i.e. 6, 16, 26, 36, 46, etc. If possible, when you check in at the concierge, tell the hotel staff that you want a floor level ending with 6. Unless the hotel is really fully booked, usually the hotel staff would be able to fulfill your requirement.

There is one thing to note. We need to count the actual floor number. Sometimes the floor levels are not in simple 1, 2, 3, 4 sequence. Instead, the floor levels may be G, UG, Podium, L1, L2, etc. In Feng Shui, we count the real floor number only. So the ground level is 1/F, 2/F is one floor above, 3/F is next all the way to the highest floor. We do not skip unlucky floor numbers like 13. The 6, 16, 26, 36, floors here refer to the real floor number.

Now that the first requirement is met, it is time to examine the hotel room. Firstly, avoid choosing the last room in the corridor, i.e. the room at the dead end. We believe that the energy, a.k.a. Chi, needs to flow. The Chi at the end of a corridor is stagnant, so a room located there is usually not preferred.

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