Great food and great chefs and great staff. Food was delicious and chef put on a great show. Drinks are great too! I had the surf and turf, Mai tai, and all the saki they would give me.

Feng Shui is a locally owned restaurant that was a welcomed addition to the Chelmsford foodie scene. Feng Shui offers a range of Asian food including sushi, hibachi, Japanese, and vegetarian offerings. There's variety for every taste. :)On the first level there is a bar, a nice dining area with sushi bar area and buffet area (on weekdays and weekends) as well as a more private room used for functions. The top level houses their hibachi grills and table set-ups. You can order off the regular menu in the hibachi area as well. I have been several times for the buffet and I enjoyed the varied entree options. The sushi is also very tasty and reasonably priced. Upstairs the hibachi area is great and fun for groups and special evenings. Great ambiance, diversity of types of food, and service make this a solid dining option for the area. My family enjoys dining here with picky out-of-town visitors and family and it's a great place to hit with friends.

Some things to note:-Food is good here, go for the buffet, it's one of the nicer ones in the area with great options-Sushi is delicious and with many options besides the California roll-They deliver, yay!-Parking is a nightmare most nights, so arrive early-They're a bit more expensive than other buffets in the area.

A serene sushi place in the suburbs with an upscale setting and reasonable pricing. This place spans 2 floors,hibachi is served in the top floor with sushi and buffet items served in the ground floor.The food was tasty.I only wish the staff were a bit more attentive.I have been here a couple of times and tried sushi and noodles both the times.It gets a bit crowded over Friday evenings. They do offer a decent selection of cocktails.This place isnt too bad if you are looking to have a decent sushi in and around the chelmsford area.

Downstairs the Chinese food tastes like any other Chinese food in the area, yes, I mean the 'fast food' Chinese, but the Hibachi, that's another story. In case you've missed it, Feng Shui has hibachi grills upstairs and you don't need to have a large group to enjoy it. My mom and I took a chance on them and we are still talking about it. Our chef gave us a great show and was very personable and made us the best food EVER. I had the chicken and steak and my mother had the shrimp, scallop, lobster combo. My dinner was melt in your mouth good, not too salty from the soy sauce and just perfect. From what my mom was saying, hers was Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm, yum. The rice was PERFECT! It transformed from white rice to fried rice in front of our faces so you could see exactly what was going into your food. The vegetables were fresh and not mushy. And overall, because the food is cooked right in front of you, you don't have to wait for it to be served. Leftovers were just as good. I'm already planning my next trip.I'm sorry I can't review the sushi, I don't like it.

We love the food here; Both in the dining room and upstairs at the Hibachi. I'm not too found of the bar, they make good drinks, but the atmosphere isn't working for me.The sushi's wonderful, but my favorite dish the the lobster in ginger scallion sauce.We usually don't eat from the buffet, not because it isn't good, it is, but it gets way to busy.

Love this Hibachi Sushi Lounge! Such a fun spot for large groups, kids & adults! So much to see and experience. The Chefs here are great and make it a fun experience to remember while the food is prepared right in front of you! I have been for numerous celebrations! My go-to is usually the NY Strip Steak & Chicken Combo, its such a great combo. Very filling as well as of course, leftovers to bring home! All Hibachi entrees are served to start with a soup, salad, rice and veggies! Yum!!!

I don't know what to say about Feng Shui that hasn't already been said over and over, except that it lives up to the hype. It is a family favorite. The Sunday buffet is outstanding- not the usual offerings at all (and I loathe buffets). Service is excellent and the space is modern and chic. If you are in the area, I highly recommend it.Note: 18% gratuity is added to all checks for parties of 6 or more- even the buffet- and it's not clear on the check. We had a mix up with this and management took care of it a couple of days later without any hassle.

The local hibachi in Chelmsford. We have done it all, the dining room downstairs, apps in the lounge, sushi only, and of course hibachi. The food is fresh and very good. The sushi has been very good for me anytime I have had it. The hibachi is a HUGE portion and if you have a great chef and a good group of people is an awesome experience. We had gone for a dinner group to hibachi thinking our later time would mean no to very little wait time. When we arrived we were told it was a 30-45 min wait, no big deal, we got apps and drinks in the lounge. But then we noticed they may have been short staffed as we were the only table seated up in the hibachi area. The waitress we had (her name escapes me) was not the usual caliber of waitress we have had (maybe it was her first night). She forgot drinks and orders and that's the one star deduction. Overall all a pretty good eatery.

Nice quality of lunch buffet! I love the coconut shrimp, fishes and all their veggy here. Thumps up!

When I moved to MA, I asked for a recommendation for a good Chinese place to take my parents when they visited. I went here and was amazed! It's huge first of all. Upstairs has the hibachi grill and downstairs is an Asian mix of foods including a sushi bar. The food is amazing. I am vegetarian but my parents had all the popular meat items and said, "this is the best Chinese I have had." I love the pad Thai they do. It's a bit different from traditional Thai, but it's amazing. The spinach fried rice is also a must try. And all the vegetarian sushi they do is great, my favorite is the Idaho roll. I have done the hibachi a couple times and that is always fun with a group. I prefer eating downstairs though because the menu is amazing. Drinks are strong and made well. Good selection of beers too. My favorite restaurant in the area by far. Take out and delivery is convenient too. I will just recommend you ask for soy sauce or extra soy ... sometimes they don't remember to put it in the bag or if they do, it's one packet.

The space is nice. Only been once in a booth but a pleasant looking environment. The service was great. Very attentive and knowledgeable waiter. The authentic Chinese food tripe in chili oil was delicious. The green and black bok choy with mushrooms was a tad expensive for the dish but delicious. Next the sushi sashimi and rolls.Tuna sushi, ika(squid)sushi, tako octopus sushi, unagi sea urchin sushi, salmon sashimi. Served on the traditional boat with Dikon radish and ginger. The portion was worth it and the fish was super fresh. The sushi rice was seasoned just right.We also ordered the shui Mai which was homemade and definitely the best around I've had.I would definitely recommend this place for a good eating experience

This was "shown" like a big Japanese Sushi Bar but turned out to be more like a Chinese Take Out place you can find in every corner! Dine in option at one of the very few tables (probably used more for while waiting your food) to be served with plastic utensils for food in plastic plates (again only a take out place where you can get a fortune cookie). We ordered hot and sour soup (OK) and sushi-sashimi plate. It was $59 dollar I knew from the men's but the portion I got was not worth $59 I paid for it. Thank God, I didn't get sick or anything! Anyway, I would not go back tho that location again.

Decided to stop by this loca hibachi lounge for the first time. I had heard good things. I decided to go with the hibachi chicken & tenderloin. The food was great!!!! Our cook was funny and entertaining even though it was just one friend and I. I seriously loved the steak it was cooked SO perfect!! My friend considered it "basic" compared to the other hibachi places we've been too. However if you're near by I think it's a good stop!!

Insult to real Chinese food and service. Horrible service attitude against yellow skinned.

LOVE THIS PLACE! I went with my boyfriend and got the buffet. He did not because of his shellfish allergy. I loved trying the different appetizers and sushi at the buffet and found some new sushi that I like. Really good crab Rangoon and pork wontons. They have fresh fruit at the buffet and different desserts(cream puffs and ice cream). Their dinner buffet is $21.50...lunch is $12.50. My boyfriend got the crispy duck and raved about it. He felt comfortable ordering food here with his shellfish allergy(he usually avoids eating Chinese food) so this was great for us!

Excellent Food!!! Excellent atmosphere!! Excellent service!!Lunch buffet was beyond satisfying. Food was fresh and constantly replenished. So much to choose from. I will visit again when I'm in the area.

I gave them a 4 because they sit you with other people if it's not too crowded . Say I got there first with my guest , they would sit us and the next two or three people to walk in will sit with us also . I'm just one of those people I like privacy with my group . Call me anti-social I don't care lol ! But anyways , I been here two times the first time it was good the cook was very friendly . The servers were also friendly . What I don't like is they cook the rice first and expect you to grub it down while everything else is being made . It's tasty but I would like chicken with my rice too please not 10 mins after when my rice is cold . It wasn't bad though it was tasty . The shrimp needed more flavor though . The second time I went with boyfriend also a great time . The cook wasn't so wild because it was so early like 11am . Still tasty just huge portions lol I could never eat it all . I don't get why they have to add so much zucchini takes up half my plate lol ! Would go again but not for awhile .

Feng Shui operates 3 restaurants in Massachusetts, one in Chelmsford, one in Tyngsboro and another in Cohasset. The restaurant boasts high end Asian cuisine featuring special maki rolls and Japanese hibachi teppanyaki style meals. If one doesn't want to participate in the lively cooking show, there's an extensive menu with Japanese and Chinese offerings.We visited the Chelmsford location today for their weekend lunch buffet. Price was reasonable, less $15.00 per person. We got there right when it opened at 11:30 AM and the workers were still setting up our table.Our server came to get our drink order and asked if we wanted soup. The options were miso, hot and sour and wonton. There was no egg drop so I went with the wonton. It was actually pretty good.For the buffet, there were 7 types of maki rolls and 3 types of sushi on riceI was surprised to see the dim sum offerings in the steel steaming trays. There were chicken feet, tripe, wontons, shumai, sticky rice and shrimp dumplings.I turned around and there was additional selection of Chinese delicacies that included pig's ear and ox tail. The restaurant does cater towards the Asian community with these offeringsTo cater towards the western clientele, there was the typical American Chinese food that included wings, terriyaki, boneless spareribs, eggrolls, crab rangoons, lo mein, general gau chicken, etcMy favorite entrees was the fried fish in sauce, braised pork belly and stuffed mussels.For dessert, the ice cream choices for the day was black raspberry and maple walnut. I was a bit disappointed that there was no green tea, coconut or red bean. Service was extremely friendly and quick. It didn't feel like the typical Chinese buffet where the servers are rushed, annoyed and overworked.I'd definitely recommend this place and I'd go back!

This is a review and rating strictly on Feng Shui's Sunday evening dinner buffet.I usually avoid buffets as I have always found them to be disappointing. But loving their food off the menu, we decided to give it a try. Unfortunately I was again disappointed. There were a large number of standard appetizers and entrees, plus sushi and some dessert items. In general, it was hit or miss. Some items were good, while others were poor. My worries has always been how long the food has been out. Multiple items appeared to have been out for a while. Although the chicken wings and fried dumplings looked fine, they were dry and cold. Other items followed suit. The lo mein was also on the slightly warm side. The fried rice did not look appealing. The chicken teriyaki and coconut shrimp were terrific. I should note we arrived just 1.5 hours into the start of the buffet. It was not at the tail end. I note that I am not a fan of sushi. Still the sushi offered in the buffet looked completely unappetizing. My son who does eat a lot of sushi confirmed that it was not very good.At over $20 a person, I cannot recommend the buffet. If I were to rate on the buffet by itself, it would be two stars at best.We will continue to visit Feng Shui. But we will avoid the buffet and order fresh off the menu where they shine and get four stars as noted in a previous review.

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