The trouble with sleep Its hibernation time! I thought Id rip a page (literally, it starts on page 178!) right out of my own book, Make a Shift, Change Your Life to talk about sleeping tips since it seems to be a constant incoming questions these days. Hope it helps! Many of my clients []

Simply moving your SAME STUFF in your house EVEN JUST A LITTLE BIT can be all you need to do to freshen up and pull together a room especially if you notice that you or anyone else in the home is never compelled to use that particular room. Case in point: My client here []

I LOVE seeing the before and fired-up after shots of my Australian client that turned her one-car garage space into her kick-butt office. Does this womans office say IM QUALIFIED FOR THE JOB! or what? I also love hearing the improvements of the client in Canada that got her daughter a new bed []

DecoratingA lot of my friends are asking me how my new place is shaping up so I thought Id share a little video I did all by myself on how I go about creating a home that reflects exactly who I am NOW (e-heman important word for all of you who are hanging onto the []

Remodeling can be tough. Here are a few simple tips I like to recommend when building or remodeling a home. 1.Delineate spaces with flooring changes if the furniture has to float in a room. This is also effective if you have that front and back door alignment in your house to detract from []

My Facebook friend Misty O wrote me asking for my recommendations to increase fertility. I thought this was a great answer to share in a newsletter. Feel free to forward this to anyone you think might benefit from it. There are three things that I see rather consistently with regard to infertility in my line []

Someone asked me the other day if I thought I was running away from anything in California as I make my way to my new home in Florida. Hey theres no law that says I cant ever come back! But I am looking forward to a new adventure. I set up my life []

Invoking or Inviting that is the question! How is YOUR year looking? Are you invoking a meaningful one for yourself? In my book Make a Shift, Change Your Life, under the Serve Your Spirit section, I describe what I callThe Intending and Invoking Server. I wanted to clarify the difference between begging, pleading, and []

Clutter and Overwhelm Go Hand in Hand. If youve got clutter in your surroundings, youve got overwhelm somewhere in your life Ill bet money on it. You are a product of your environment. Thats just the way it is. Whats going on in your home and workplace is a direct correlation of whats []

Im not sure, maybe its because Ive been in the throes of a type of spiritual up-leveling, or perhaps because Im starting my next certification training, but the wordINSPIRED is in my world so much lately, I thought Id share a couple of things in hopes that the energy of inspiration spreads to you. []

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