FROMthe perspective of Chinese Metaphysics, when it comes to the Feng Shui assessment of a property, the priorities for a homebuyer and an investor may differ.

For homebuyers, there are more aspects they need to look at to determine whether the property or unit is suitable for them, said Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics founder Datuk Joey Yap during Facebook Live show on July 23, aired in conjunction with the recent Malaysia Virtual Property Expo 2017. The FB Live talk was on Feng Shui for homebuyers.

For property investors, the most important areas to consider when buying a property are the direction and condition of the main door and balcony (if any) as they wont be occupying the unit for the long term. The same theory applies to those who are purchasing commercial units.

The whole idea of Feng Shui assessment is to identify and harness the good flow of energy in the environment, which is also known as Qi flow. The flow of energy determines the prosperity and vibrancy of the particular place. This is the reason why certain places are vibrant and attract crowds, while others in the same area may not, Yap opined.

Five areas to look at

For homebuyers, finding the property that matches well with their individual destiny chart based on Feng Shui can be achieved by assessing:

1) The main door2) The bedroom3) The balcony4) The kitchen5) The study

The main door represents the entrance for the flow of energy. Its like a persons mouth. A property with good Feng Shui elements should be one that does not obstruct energy flow coming in from the main door. So the main door must face open spaces that encourage good energy to flow in and around, thus contributing to wealth improvement, Yap explained.

This means one should avoid a unit that has the main door facing a pillar or has something that blocks its entrance.

The same theory applies to the balcony. If the balcony faces or is close to another building, the flow of Qi is disrupted. A balcony should be spacious, preferably facing a water body or hill so as to invite good energy into the property.

For people hoping to improve family harmony or relationships, or who want to improve their health, the bedroom should be their focus as it is where people sleep and rejuvenate themselves.

With good sleep and self-healing, a person will have good temperament and patience. This could help in building good relationships with others, he said.

The kitchen is another area that one should assess as it is related to the health and safety of the occupants in the house. Based on the house owners destiny chart, if the kitchen is situated in an unfavourable direction for its owner, it will cause negative energy flow, thus causing health problems to the owners or residents.

Health problems in the family could arise if the kitchen is in the wrong place and the energy flow there is being intercepted with negative energy or vibration. However, if one seldom cooks or eats at home, the kitchen element can be ignored, he said.

For people who want to excel in life and grow to their fullest potential as a student or in their careers, the study room is definitely the room they have to give priority to.

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Datuk Joey Yap is the worlds leading Chinese Metaphysics consultant and bestselling author of more than 160 books which have sold over four million copies worldwide. He is chief consultant of the Joey Yap Consulting Group and founder of Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics. His nearly two decades of professional consultancy includes working with Microsoft, Sime Darby, UEM, Prudential and Citibank. He has students in more than 30 countries.

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