Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui or Xuan Kong Fei Xing[1] is one of disciplines in Feng Shui, and is an integration of the principles of Yin Yang, the interactions between the five elements, the eight trigrams, the Lo Shu numbers, and the 24 Mountains, by using time, space and objects[2] to create an astrological chart to analyze positive auras and negative auras of a building.[3]

These include analyzing wealth, mental and physiological states, success, relationships with external parties, and health of the inhabitant.[4]

During the Qing Dynasty, it was popularized by a grandmaster Shen Zhu Ren, with the book that he wrote called Mr. Shen's Study of Xuan Kong, or Shen Shi Xuan Kong Xue.[5]

Flying Star Feng Shui does not limit itself to buildings for the living or Yang Zhai, where rules pertaining to directions equally apply to all built structures; it also applies to grave sites and buildings for spirits or Yin Zhai.[6][7]

In the Lo Shu Square, flying stars are nine numbers.[8]

Each number in the Lo Shu represents one of the Chinese Trigrams and is related to an Element, Family Member, Cardinal, Colour, Hour, Season, Organ, Ailments and many others.[9][10]

The numbers always move to the lower right (northwest), middle right (west), lower left (northeast), upper center (south), lower center (north), upper right (southwest), middle left (east), upper left (southeast) and back to the center.[11]

Time is divided into 20-Year cycles. Each cycle of 20 years is a Period or "Yun". A grand cycle comprises 9 Periods in total which covers a span of 180 years.[12]

Periods are used to describe the cyclical pattern of Qi. Different types of Qi have different strengths and weaknesses with the reference to a particular Period.[13]

Periodic Table on Flying Stars[14][15]

A timely star is positive for a building whereas untimely star is negative. For the current period, Period 8 (Year 20042023), stars Eight, Nine and One are timely (For a building, they are timely if and only if the object placed in that palace is timely). Star Eight is most timely which is often treated as Prosperous and Noble Star. Star Nine and Star One belong to Sheng Qi, a growing energy. The other six stars are regarded as having retreating, killing or dead qi.[16][17][18]

An accurate measurement of direction must be obtained before any system of Feng Shui can be undertaken.[19]

A Luopan is a magnetic compass to determine the precise direction of a structure or an item.

The most important ring on the Luopan is the 24 Mountain ring.[20]

On the 24 Mountain ring, each direction is subdivided into three sectors.



172.6 - 187.5

187.6 - 202.5





217.6 - 232.5

232.6 - 247.5





262.6 - 277.5

277.6 - 292.5





307.6 - 322.5

322.6 - 337.5





352.6 - 7.5

7.6 - 22.5





37.6 - 52.5

52.6 - 67.5





82.6 - 97.5

97.6 - 112.5





127.6 - 142.5

142.6 - 157.5



Using the principles of Yin and Yang, the facing of a building is determined by the side of the built structure that receives most Yang Qi.[21][22]

A house is constructed with an architectural frontage with its side that faces whatever landscape feature. The facing of that house is considered by the direction of its frontage which is most Yang in nature.[23]

In apartments, or condominiums, the facing of a unit is determined by the facing of the entire building. If the structure is not an obvious facade, the facing of the unit is determined by the side of the building having the most Yang energy (faces the busiest crowd flow).

Energy in a building can be tapped into by locating a person within a sector that houses the energy. Ideally, living objects should be located in a sector with positive Qi as determined by Flying Star Chart.[24]

The layout of a building is demarcated with a Nine Palace grid, which looks like a tic-tac-toe grid. A door, room or other object's location refers to the square within this grid where the object is found. This may or may not correspond to the direction that the object faces. A door could be located in the southwest sector, but face south. Its location could be also southwest, and its direction to be facing to the south.

Objects are essential to evaluate the Feng Shui of a building.[25][26][27]

Mountain generates Qi. A lush and green mountain or hill generates auspicious Qi, while a barren, rocky rising area will, in general, generate inauspicious energy.[28]

In urban areas, skyscrapers, apartments or any structure that rises from the ground have a similar role to a mountain: generating energy outside. From inside, cupboards, wardrobes, or any furniture that is taller or larger than any others nearby are also considered mountains.[29]

Water conducts Qi. It is essential to identify the cleanliness of the water, the location and the flow of the water formation. These include ponds, lakes, rivers, drains and fountains.[30][31]

In urban areas, highways and lowland play a similar role to waterways, conducting Qi. Inside a building or a room, spinning fan or anything lower than ground level is considered water.[32]

Nine Palace Flying Stars or Jiu Gong Fei Xing is another name of Flying Stars method whereby palaces are the nine sectors overlaid onto a layout of the house.[33]

A Flying Star chart consists of three numbers in each Palace of the Luo Shu. These numbers are called the Base Star, the Facing Star and the Sitting Star.

Constructing a Flying Star Chart requires - The dates that the building was occupied by the owners - The facing of the building[34][35]

For example, if a building is constructed in the year 2003, but the residents do not move in until February 4 of 2004, the Period of the building is 8, not 7.

Period does not change again unless there is major renovation undertaken to the structure.[36]

Creating a Flying Star chart is always begun with the Base Star. Period of the building determines the number occupies the Base Star position of the Central Palace. Base Stars always fly in the Luo Shu path.

Once all the base stars are distributed amongst the nine palaces, the number in Facing Palace on the Luo Shu grid is determined by the facing direction of the building. This number is the facing star.

The Sitting Palace is always opposite of the Facing Palace. The sitting star is the number in the sitting palace.

For instance, in a Period-8 building that faces southwest, the number that locates in Facing Palace is number 5 whereas the number in Sitting Palace is number 2; thus, 5 is Facing Star and 2 is Sitting Star.

Unlike the Base Star, the Facing Star and Sitting Star can fly in either ascending (Yang) order, or descending (Yin) order. The order depends upon two factors on 1 Whether the star is an even number or an odd number, and 2 Which the mountain that the unit faces.

Even-numbered Stars follow a Yin-Yang-Yang form. In a certain number which comprises three mountains, should the mountain that the property faces is Yang, then the numbers fly in ascending order of Lo Shu path, and vice versa.

Odd-numbered Stars follow a Yang-Yin-Yin form. In a certain number which comprises three mountains, should the mountain that the property faces is Yang, then the numbers fly in ascending order of Lo Shu path, and vice versa.

To determine the polarity of number 5 star, go by the polarity of the Period number.

Flying stars can be timely or untimely. The nature of flying star depends on which period is to be referred and which star is being activated.[37]

Activities: Separation, divorce, Drowning, Sea Pirates and criminal affairs, Prostitution, Sex industry

Activities: Disastrous, accidents

Activities: Lawsuit, theft, asthma

Adultery, breaking of family, insanity, suicide by hanging or drug, unethical behavior, unfaithfulness

Activities: Loneliness, rigid, car accident, authority clash

Activities: Theft, robbery, gossips, villains, flirting

Activities: Injury to children, disloyalty, rioting, wealth loss in seconds

Activities: fire, inappropriate sexual affairs, stupidity


Result of overcoming of untimely Flying Star 3 (Wood) upon Star 2 (Earth) Relationship: Son harassing mother-in-law, a male violating a woman Activities: Problems (Conflict, arguments, combat, lawsuit, disharmonies) for mother Health: woman is hurt at the belly (while pregnant) or having stomachache Cure: introduce a red carpet or a painting that is red. Red represents fire and will be able to change the effect that wood has on earth(control cycle) into a wood, fire and earth, supporting cycle.

Result of combination of untimely Flying Stars 2 (Earth) and 5 (Earth) Activities: Accidents, bankruptcy, haunted house, death Health: Serious sickness, cancer of the digestive system

Result of fire combination of untimely Flying Stars 2 (Earth) and 7 (Metal), or of untimely Flying Stars 7 (Metal) and 9 (Fire) Relationship: Lesbian, Male with strong female personalities Activities: Fire, explosion

Result of combination of untimely Flying Stars 3 (Wood) and 7 (Metal) Relationship: Male and female fight Activities: Cripple, armed robbery, burglary, lawsuit, scams Health: foot disease, liver cancer, arm injury by metal

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