Did you know your home has an energy map, called the feng shui bagua?

Most things have an exploration map, be it a country or a park. Your home has its own energy map, too. On a basic level, the feng shui map of your home functions just like any other map it shows where you are at the present moment and how to get to where you want to be. The brilliance of feng shui when applied in a healthy and intelligent way is that it clearly shows you the interconnectedness of all forms of energy around you.

When you start applying feng shui, you can actually see and understand how a cluttered closet promotes a chaotic behavior, or how a direct door alignment leaves the house with little energy to nourish you. Even though feng shui is so very, very complex (what else can you expect from a 5,000+ years body of knowledge?), the basic feng shui steps can always be explained and applied in a simple, clear and logical way.

To start seeing lasting results when working with feng shui, it is always recommended to define the feng shui map of your home. You certainly do not have to do that right away, as there are many great feng shui tips that can be applied with good results without knowing the feng shui map of your home. You can work with basic feng shui tips for your bedroom or the feng shui bathroom tips and see a considerable improvement in the energy of your home. However, just as a map clearly helps with any journey, so does the feng shui map of your home can help you achieve your goals quicker and with less effort.

So, what is this mystical, powerful and intriguing feng shui energy map? The energy map of your home is called the bagua. You can define the feng shui bagua of any given space, be it an office, a garden, and even a car, but lets focus on your home for now. Bagua (sometimes spelled as pakua), translated from Chinesemeans eight areas. The ancient feng shui masters not only defined the eight major life areas that are important for your happiness and well-being; they also mapped the connection between these life areas and the energy of your home or office.

According to this ancient and powerful body of knowledge, your house has a specific area that is connected to your love life, for example, and another one connected to your health, and yet another area connected to your career success, and so on. Below is the list of these eight major life areas defined by ancient feng shui masters; each one of these life areas is connected to a specific area of your house.

Health & Family

Money & Abundance

Fame & Reputation

Love & Marriage

Children & Creativity

Helpful People & Blessings

Career & Path in Life

Spiritual Cultivation & Personal Growth

Each of these eight areas needs specific care and attention in your home, meaning it needs best feng shui decor as defined by specific colors, shapes, images, etc. When a feng shui bagua area of your home is treated right, the area of your life that corresponds to this specificbaguaarea gets an energetic boost and is often considerably improved.

I know this might sound a bit strange, but I have been a feng shui consultant for over 18 years, I know for sure that this works. It does not matter if you live in a small studio or in a big mansion. When applied correctly, this feng shui energy map can accurately show the way to improve your life by working with the energy of your home. This does not mean that you have to have strange looking objects in your home. In fact, it is best to not go for any traditional feng shui cures like the money frog, the dragon turtle, the Fu dogs and others unless you really, really like them.

For each of the classical feng shui cures, there is at least one modern feng shui cure that can work very well in your home, you just have to know how to apply it. Excellent feng shui can be achieved with abeautiful and modern decor, there is no need to use items you do not like or understand the meaning of, as is the case with many traditional feng shui cures. Understand what makes good feng shui decorating and start applying it in your home.

So, there you have it, the basic info on what a feng shui energy map is similar to a map of your life as expressed in the language of your present home. Now, how do you actually define the energy map of your home? First, you have to decide on which bagua style to choose, as there are two different baguas used in feng shui.

Rodika Tchi is a feng shui expert, writer, and published author. Her company, Tchi Consulting, provides feng shui services internationally. Rodika's book "The Healing Power of Smudging: Cleansing Rituals To Purify Your Home" is published by Ulysses Press and available in all major bookstores.

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Get To Know the Feng Shui Map of Your Home

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