Mid-September and we are completing the three ANNUAL titles everyone will find indispensable. These books help you negotiate the coming year of the BOAR you will find useful tips and excellent information on how to practice the Art of Placement in the most auspicious way ever!

Lillian Toos Feng Shui Almanac and Feng Shui Diary2019 are already on their way into the book shelves of the world and will be on sale at our dynamic and very active website http://www.fsmegamall.comby the end of next week. They should be on your desks very soon to ensure you can start planning for all your important events for the coming year! We have included everything important you need to take note of, with all the lucky and unlucky days summarized into easy-to-refer charts.

These are indispensable tools that enable you to tap into the auspicious energies in every month of the year. Things work out in the best possible way for you in love, career, business and relationships. Practicing Feng Shui becomes easy and instant when you have these tools of Feng Shui within easy reach. They give you instant access to all the secrets of time changes, the most vital aspect of this amazing Chinese practice. The idea is to make your life more meaningful, happier, richer and more successful.

How do these titles help you? The ALMANAC contains ALL the good dates and times for all your important activities when TIMING is vital to long term success, such as when you sign important contracts, when you buy or move into a new house, start a new business or start a new job.

It is always beneficial to be mindful of the lucky hours and lucky dates to engage in the major events that have long term consequences on your life. Thus when to get married, when to start a new job, when to relocate, whenever you need to make a good impression, present an important proposal, go for a vital interview you will always get better results when the energies of the time and day favour you!

We have encouraged so many thousands of our readers to pay attention to the magical wheel of time and this means choosing good dates and times for all the important events of their life. Many have done so with excellent results. Their lives move smoothly, they enjoy excellent relationships and they keep coming back each year to benefit from all the calculations and research we do each year to bring the ALMANAC and DIARY to you!!

You will discover that our FENG SHUI DIARY goes into great detail, with all information simplified and easy to use. For instance, the Diary has the Lo Shu number of each day and this unlocks the Lo Shu chart of good and bad sectors of each day for you. Just knowing the Lo Shu number of the day instantly gives you vital luck information for all the 12 signs, for all sectors of the home explain when excellent good fortune flies into your home!

Each day also has a Ruling Element and when you know your lucky elements, this instantly tells you how each day will play out for you. Use your personalized lucky element to identify your lucky element or if you know how to use the Paht Chee chart, you can go deeper in your astrology investigations. Over time, using our Diary will reveal a great many secrets about what brings you luck, all done through your own observations using our Diary.

Another way to find your lucky elements is to look at your personalized Paht Chee chart. In general, if your chart is very unbalanced, the elements that are missing from your chart will be lucky for you. A great many factors determine the effect of each of the 5 elements and the best way is to determine these are from your own observations! This is why this DIARY is such a fun way to record all the events of your life! It can be as interactive as you want it to be we provide the basic keys and you do the unlocking the luck of any important day for yourself. Record your observations, make notes of big things good and bad, and over the year, you will begin to see patterns emerge for you!

The FORTUNE & FENG SHUI 2019 astrology books examine the luck and feng shui highlights and placements for each of the 12 signs. These little gems offer a wealth of information for each sign to bring out the best of the BOAR YEAR energies for themselves. They tell each sign exactly what can be done to get the best of the years annual and monthly energies all the preparation, the placements and the analysis of combinations of cosmic numbers of each month! These books help you determine what to focus on each month, what goals you should go after, when to be mindful of your risk profile, and which other animal signs make for better relationships in the year. You will also learn how to neutralize astrological clashes and afflictions using Element Therapy and placement of cures and enhancers.

We closed one chapter when we decided to stop our print version of Feng Shui World magazine, which we so loved putting together for you each month, but since we converted it into an online version without the strict print deadlines each month, weve found it has given us far more time time which wereally needed to write these books more thoroughly, do more thorough research and counter-research, and for our products, to source better factories and manufacturers to get the absolute best quality at the best prices.

We are so proud to offer our 2019 publications hot off the press for you. They are now available for pre-order, and for early bird buyers, we have a special gift of a WOFS gold bar for our sets comprising your animal sign book, the Feng Shui Almanac and Feng Shui Diary 2019.

Use this gold bar to start building your 2019 Treasure Trove, and as the year progresses, continue to fill your trove with more gold bars, more jewels, more precious objects and also mementos of your special times like air tickets, boarding pass stubs, invitations to important events and occasions, souvenirs from your travels and money from different sources and in different currencies.

We wish you happy reading and more, we wish you love, happiness, good health and definitely more wealth for the coming year of the Earth Boar 2019!

Jennifer Too

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