1The course contains a FREE download of Microsofts Digital Design Suite 6 and a two hour step by step training video that takes you through the entire process of taking a digital photo of a backyard and creating a virtual water garden using drag & drop jpg photos of rocks, plants, water etc. from the Digital Design Library (contains, portions of actual waterfalls & ponds, plus, grass, plants, flowers, trees, water plants, fish, turtles, you name it!)

2Need some ideas or examples of pond, waterfalls or water gardens? The Ultimate Training Course includes Videos and slide shows of hundreds of water gardens, waterfeatures, natural fountains, before and after photos of hundreds of yards , layouts and designs. You can show these to yourclientsto give them ideas. They will be impressedso will you! Talk about classy and professional. Well over 2000 water garden projects since January 1982 represented in this training course.

3Learn step by step through diagrams, photos and sketches, how to professionally construct concrete and rebar ponds and waterfalls, including, layout, excavation, rebar installation, plumbing, concrete application, equipment installation, lighting, AquaFill water level control systeminstallation, pond plants, bog plants, pond maintenance. You will learn many cost saving techniques, tricks andproceduresin the construction of a large variety of water features.

4Whether you live in San Diego CA or Miami FL, Douglas Hoover will walk you through your construction project. If your contractor studies the Ultimate Training Course, with minimal consulting alone the way by using email and photos. Douglas has designed and built well over 2000 waterfalls and ponds over the past 31 years. He hasconstructedover 80 waterfalls that spill into new and existing swimming pools. He holds the record for building the tallest man-made waterfall (136 ft.)

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