California Waterscapes is one of the largest pond and waterfallbuilders in Southern California. We create personalized backyard waterfall designs as well as streams that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Each waterfall and pond design is made custom to its area and blends in naturally with its environment. The hundreds of ponds we have installed over the years are designed to appear and operate identically to natural bodies of water, a result of the way our ponds work as chemical free mini-ecosystems. Our commitment to organic waterfall design truly sets us apart from our competitors.

We also design and install beautiful, top quality pools, which may include a variety of water features. Our pond maintenance is also relatively easy and affordable. You may add Koi, turtles and aquatic plants to your pond, as these too require minimal maintenance and live easily in our chemical free installations.

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Creating your own personal backyard pond, stream or waterfall is more affordable than you think. We can work with almost any budget as we custom tailor every pond to our customers specific needs.

A Green Contractor California C-27 Contractors Licenses 715731 & 814229

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