MIDLAND, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--STW Resources Holding Corp (OTCQB: STWS), a leader in oilfield water reclamation and remediation, has signed an initial $2.9 million contract to build, operate and maintain a comprehensive system of water reclamation facilities for a NYSE-listed oil & gas company with multiple locations throughout the Permian Basin, Stanley Weiner, CEO of STW Water, announced today. STW Water, with its partner TRE & Associates, LLC (TRE) (a civil engineering firm), is moving forward to obtain drinking water permits and to build water systems for the clients field operation facility in Midland, Texas and its Mancamp housing facilities across its Texas operations.

The leader in water treatment systems for the oil & gas industry, STW Water, will assist in the fabrication and furnishing of equipment, installation, training, and maintenance of complete water reclamation and treatment systems for its client. The company, along with TRE, will also assist in water well development, testing final construction and securing potable water permits for wells from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

We are especially gratified that our client, one of the largest operators in the Permian Basin, has selected STW as their partner in realizing their industry-leading commitment to diligently reduce their consumption of clean municipal drinking water, both for production requirements and facility operations, noted Weiner. This contract underscores STW Waters leadership as the partner of choice in providing technologies and solutions for improved sustainability.

As new housing facilities and Mancamps are built throughout the state to support the tremendous growth in the Permian Basin, STW Water and TRE have been contracted to facilitate approvals for potable water supply from TCEQ for the Dockum Brackish Water aquifer wells at a depth of 1400+ ft.

STW Water and TRE have submitted their engineering design for their proprietary treatment process capable of treating high brackish water from the Dockum aquifer wells with total dissolved solids in the range of 8500 ppm, satisfying the clients needs for both corporate and field operations. STW Waters innovative process and exclusively license technology will be the first of its kind in the State of Texas to produce reclaimed potable water with no negative environmental impact.

STWs design and technology eliminates the need for deep well wastewater injections, evaporation ponds and other recognized methods for disposal of concentrated brine wasted from desalination activities. The proprietary Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system is free of potentially damaging concentrated brine discharge. The system consists of a STW hybrid high-brackish reverse osmosis unit permitting up to 85% fresh water recovery, followed by the patented ZLD system capable of achieving 95-97% fresh water recovery and 3-5% solid waste consisting of salt crystals and minerals.

The ZLDTM unit is exclusively licensed to STW through its partner, Salttech, BV. This water processing system offers several technological advancements over conventional systems: It produces a solid discharge that is easily used or sold, generates a substantially higher percentage of clean drinking water per gallon of brackish or ocean water, is 60% more compact than alternatives, and is highly energy efficient, using up to 50% less energy than comparable conventional systems.

For additional information about STW Water and Salttech water reclamation technologies and solutions, please visit http://www.stwresources.com.

About STW Resources Holding Corp.

STW Resources Holdings Corp, (OTCQB: STWS) is a quality provider of oilfield services, water reclamation and processing management services, and rig cleaning services through its three subsidiaries. It consults and provides customized water analysis, reclamation and remediation services to a variety of complex oil and gas produced and flowback water, brackish water, ocean water desalination, industrial, and municipal applications throughout several geographic locations. As an independent solutions provider, STW utilizes proven technologies, from various well-known manufacturers, including Salttech, a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technology that is economically feasible to use. These technologies are available as fixed or mobile units with varying capabilities. STW's process ensures that the most effective and efficient technologies are implemented. The Salttech system can process any water with Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels ranging from 5,000 ppm to >300,000 ppm. Current potential project locations include the Eagle Ford Shale (TX), the west Texas Delaware and Permian Basins (TX), eastern New Mexico, and ocean desalination projects on the Gulf Coast of Texas, California, and Hawaii.

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