Malik Hashim has a new San Bernardino restaurant under construction. When he wants to visit it, he goes to Los Angeles.

Hashim is a franchisee of Checkers & Rallys, a quick service chain with more than 800 restaurants serving burgers, chicken wings and seasoned fries.

In November, the Tampa company announced a strategy to give franchisees the option of prefabricated modular buildings as well as traditional builds.

Hashim took the modular option.

It saves a lot of time and money from having an architect, he said in a phone interview.

To be more specific, it shaves five to 12 weeks off the development timeline and saves as much as $100,000 on construction, according to a news release from Checkers & Rallys.

Hashim will take delivery of his Rallys restaurant at 1605 W. Baseline St. Workers will then hook up electricity and plumbing.

Target for opening is March 2018.

Checkers and Rallys has a third option for franchisees to save on construction, a model that recycles shipping containers as building supports. But thats not the model thats coming to San Bernardino, according to spokesmen.

The company has grown by more than 176 restaurants since 2012, according to the company, but it is not a familiar brand in the Inland Empire. There is a Checkers inside the Walmart Supercenter on Moreno Beach Drive in Moreno Valley.

There are also four restaurants in Orange and Los Angeles counties.

Checkers and Rallys have the same menus, which include loaded milkshakes and stacked, packed sundaes.

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