Our warm weather pattern will come to an end on Thursday. Weve had such a warm October, that this will be quite the shock to the system when this cold hits later this weekend.

We start with our first cold front on Wednesday night through Thursday. This will unfortunately whip up the wind even more as it passes through. We have Red Flag Warnings in place for the foothills down to southern Colorado thanks to this wind and dry vegetation.

This front brings cooler temperatures and maybe a little light snow to the mountains, with just a slight chance for a few flurries in Denver.

We are cold on Friday with highs in the 40s! We rebound quickly to the 60s on Saturday, but that wont last long. Saturday will also be very windy, which again is not good for our fires.

Sunday is when we wake up to the big, major changes. Snow could start late Saturday night and will be going through the day on Sunday. Our temperatures will also plummet to the upper 20s! Ahead of this storm, youll want to at least drain your sprinkler system.

We could see snow through early Monday morning before we clear out with cold temperatures.

If youre wondering if the snow will help with our fires, the answer is yes. However, it wont be enough to put them out or really reduce their size. Any moisture is helpful, but the wind ahead of the snow will not be good at all.

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