Published on October 14 2020 8:14 amLast Updated on October 14 2020 8:14 amWritten by Greg Sapp

Many people have made the journey to the Thompson Mill Covered Bridge near Cowden.

Now, the journey won't be quite as sweet after vandals caused damage to the structure.

Someone set trash inside the bridge on fire. Cowden Fire Protection District Assistant Chief Jim Allsop said there is a hole three feet around in the floor of the bridge. A couple of beams were also damaged.

The incident occurred over the weekend. Allsop said his department was called to the scene, along with Herrick and Tri-County Fire Protection District firefighters, but the latter two agencies were called off once Allsop had the chance to examine the fire scene.

The bridge has not been used for vehicular traffic since a new bridge was built beside the historic structure, but it is still under IDOT jurisdiction so it will be up to the State agency whether repairs will be made.

Allsop said the damage might not have occurred but for budget constraints. He said the bridge was refurbished about 10 years ago including lighting and a sprinkler system just in case of incidents such as the one over the weekend, but a lack of funds led to the lighting and sprinkler system being shut off.

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Vandals Cause Fire Damage to Thompson Mill Covered Bridge - Effingham's News Leader

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