TheNew Hope-Solebury Board of School Directorson Tuesday night willdiscuss the potential renovation of the districts athletic fields and track at a special meeting in the Upper Elementary School LGI Room.

All of the districts fields are in need of an upgrade, but issues with the stadium field and track are potentially the most costly.

The track needs to be resurfaced, and weve been talking about a turf field, explained Dr. Charles Lentz, Superintendent of Schools, in an interview last September.

The athletic field is currently comprised of natural grass,and the price tag for a new synthetic field was estimated at $1.5 million last year. A less expensive option would be to install a sprinkler system and drainage system, and re-crown and sod the field. Problems with overuse of the field would remain under that scenario, and reestablishing the crown and grass would be a chronic maintenance item, the district has asserted.

Other stadium improvements under consideration include installation of a new PA system, an upgrade to the lighting system to mitigate spillage into the surrounding homes, and a new multipurpose building to solve restroom lighting and ADA compliance issues and accommodateticket collection, a snack stand, press box and storage needs.

The NHSSD track, installed in 2004, has never been properly maintained due to a lack of adequate funds, resulting in damage to its foundation,according to the district. That fix would require a new macadam foundation, rubber surface and paint at a projected cost of $200,000.

The districts Campus Athletic Facility Project also calls for upgrades or repairs to Fields 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 12, along with the basketball courts. Many of the field issues involve poor drainage or lack of ADA compliance.

Tuesday nights special meeting at Upper Elementary School LGI Room begins at 6:30 p.m.

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