Reduce your use yard sign. Photo courtesy of City of Fort Collins.

City Manager Darin Atteberry has signed a declaration and order for mandatory action level IV water restrictions for lawn watering and other outdoor water uses going in effect Thursday, October 1 to avoid water shortage due to ongoing drought conditions, Cameron Peak fire and infrastructure repairs related to the Horsetooth Outlet Project.

The water restrictions are pursuant to Fort Collins City Code Section 26-167 (a) and the Water Shortage Action Plan (WSAP). Additionally, action level IV alternative water restrictions are reserved for unique water shortages that are not addressed by other action levels within the WSAP.

The city manager will proclaim the end of the water shortage, lifting restrictions when they are no longer required which is expected to be Monday, November 30. The mandatory water restrictions will be for all Fort Collins Utilities water customers.

Lawn watering is not allowed and sprinkler test times must run minimally to maintain a sprinkler system, but sprinkler blowouts are allowed. Trees can be watered by hand, drip system of deep root fork or needle only at any time.

Non-Landscape Water Use are as follow:


Exceptions will be made for athletic/active fields for health and safety purposes and new lawn installations. Enforcements for not abiding by the new water restrictions include $50 to $1,000 for residential fines per violation and $250 to $1,000 for business fines per violation.

For information regarding water quality and the Cameron Peak Fire,

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