BATON ROUGE- Following the March 13th proclamation by Gov. John Bel Edwards, aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19 in Louisiana, the Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal (SFM) recently advised the public about how best to continue their business needs with the State Fire Marshals Office.

The public was informed of limited walk-in services at agency offices as well as changes to SFM-hosted trainings and meetings and SFM-conducted inspections.

Business owners need to know the changes to SFM-conducted operations do not apply to their requirement to have licensed Life Safety and Property Protection (LSPP) businesses and individuals conduct annual, quarterly or other code-required inspections of life safety systems and equipment. The LSPP industry includes mechanical or electronic locks, special locking systems and equipment, security systems and equipment, fire sprinkler systems and equipment, fire detection and alarm systems and equipment, fire suppression systems and equipment, portable fire extinguishers, fire hoses, and conveyance devices.

Due to SFM-conducted inspections being limited during this public health emergency, it is imperative that required inspections by LSPP businesses and individuals continue.

If any LSPP companies and/or individuals experience obstacles in continuing their required system inspections, the SFM remains committed to assisting with those issues. You can reach our Licensing team by calling our main phone switchboard line, 1-800-256-5452, and choosing the Licensing option when presented in the automated message.

The SFM appreciates the publics patience and cooperation with these temporary operations to ensure the health and safety of your families and ours.

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State Fire Marshal's Office Advises Life Safety and Property Protection Industry During COVID-19 Public Health Emergency - FOX 15

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